“To be, rather than to seem”

So, what’s Your Next Mortgage all about? In a nutshell, we delight you so you keep coming back and are happy to recommend us to your contacts.

We deliver … every time, and are happy to guarantee our service. We’re not expecting to pay out on our guarantee, but if we do, we’ll do it happily, as something will have genuinely gone wrong with our approach (and then we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!)

We’re living in an age of transparency and at Your Next Mortgage, you’ll find us fully on board with a transparent approach … no surprises here. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions and we’ll spend as long as it takes to answer them.

A few words from the head honcho

Steve Jobs said “find your passion … don’t settle until you do”. Sage words and I feel fortunate to have found mine – helping real people achieve their property ownership goals in the most efficient way.

I’m proud to deliver an advice experience, which my clients really appreciate (I know this because they tell me … see what our customers say). Having been through several mortgages myself, from being a First Time Buyer, a professional climbing the corporate ladder, moving on with a growing family, needing to remortgage and being a Buy-To-Let Investor, I can talk with first hand experience about what’s important to whichever of these you fit into.

If you’re looking at financing a property and want the best possible advice, delivered in a way to suit you, give us a call and we’ll arrange a chat.

The first meeting is free and if you don’t like how we work, well we’ve only lost 77 minutes … but you might gain a whole lot more!

I look forward to working with you.

John Thompson Mortgage Broker

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

For mortgages, there is a fee, typically £397, payable on production of a mortgage offer, and we will accept commission from the lender. Click here for the detail.

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