The “C” Word!

The “C” Word!

What could that possibly mean?

There are loads of possibilities, both good and bad.

I’m feeling good, so we’ll make it a good “C” word.

Here it comes……

[Noddy Holder mode on]…

“It’s Chriiiiiiissssstttttmaaaaaaaasssss”

[Noddy Holder mode off]

What’s that got to do with mortgages JT?

Great question…stay with me on this, it will be worth it.

Many household’s biggest single monthly commitment is their mortgage.  No surprises there.  What may surprise you is that there are thousands of people paying more than they have to! Why would they do that?  You’d be surprised.

There are normally only 2 reasons:

  1. They haven’t thought about it
  2. They assume they can’t get anything better

Oh dear.

So, here’s the challenge – find someone who hasn’t had their mortgage looked at professionally for a while and we’ll try and pay for their Christmas from the savings they will make by re-mortgaging. It could be you….or it could be a friend.

Really?  Pay for Christmas?  OK, so it depends on how much Christmas costs, and how big the mortgage is, and what rate you’re currently paying etc…..

BUT, take a look at this recent testimonial:

“We weren’t sure whether to wait or go ahead with our re-mortgage, and now we’re so glad we spoke to John, we will save £17,408 over the next 2 years!”

Martin Norbury, Camberley

Could you really pay for Christmas without it actually costing anything?

It’ll cost you nothing to find out…then you’ll know for sure!



Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

For mortgages, there is a fee, typically £397, payable on production of a mortgage offer, and we will accept commission from the lender.

Visit for more information.

Written by John Thompson

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