Mark Rose

“My wife and I have had life insurance since we bought our first house. We’d taken out policies directly with a provider and we were never quite sure what we were paying for! A few months ago my wife and I met with the team at “Your Next Mortgage” to review all of our policies. They were excellent at explaining what we currently had and what needed changing. We hadn’t realised that our existing policy didn’t actually cover the full amount of our mortgage and we realised that this could cause a big problem if anything were to happen to either of us!

A few days after our initial meeting and we were back to be presented with a new proposal. Because I’m a Business Owner we learnt that part of our policy should be paid through the business and part of it should be paid privately. We saved ourselves money and increased our level of cover! I would recommend “Your Next Mortgage” to anyone who is unsure what policies they have in place. Talking about Life Insurance is quite a scary process but we both feel very comfortable and reassured that the policies we now have in place secure both of us for anything bad that might happen in the future”

Testimonial by Mark Rose, Fleet
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