How to save money while getting organised


We live in affluent times, our lives full of the things we want, from music collections to crowded wardrobes to ornaments and entertainment systems. But that can make it easy to become overwhelmed. Your house winds up full of so much stuff that you forget what’s there. You can’t find the thing you’re after. Maybe you even buy an item only to discover that you had it already, hidden in the back of a drawer.

The obvious solution is to go to the furniture store and stock up on shelves, boxes and other storage solutions. But that’s a costly way to go about it, and the new storage will end up as cluttered as what you’ve already got. While there are some great mortgages for professionals and families out there, you don’t want to have to buy a new house just to fit your clutter in.

So here are some ways to reduce clutter while saving money.

Storage within storage

Hang on to small cardboard boxes and empty takeaway trays, making sure to wash out that greasy hoi sin sauce. They’re great for storing small things around the house, whether it’s ingredients in the kitchen, pens in the desk or leads for your electronic devices.

You can line a drawer with lidless boxes, dividing it into compartments like a cutlery drawer. This will stop wires getting tangled and help to keep different items easy to find.

If you have a cupboard full of oddly shaped containers then consider transferring the contents into empty takeaway tubs. They’ll stack neatly, making better use of the space, and you can see what’s in each one through the clear plastic.


Look at your piles of CDs and DVDs and ask yourself ‘how many of these do I actually watch or listen to?’ If you’re not sure whether to keep something then look at how much you can sell it for on ebay and then ask yourself ‘would I rather have that copy of Expendables 2 or would I rather have the money?’

Then get onto Ebay and get selling. By turning unwanted entertainment into cash you’ll free up storage space, reduce clutter and give yourself some funds to buy something you’ll really enjoy.

The right mending pile

Do you have a mending pile that you never get round to? That broken vase you were going to stick back together, or the coat whose buttons you need to sew back on? Are there broken toys and tools hidden away in the backs of drawers?

Anything that’s broken is wasting your space. Ask yourself ‘do I want this enough to but a new one?’ If the answer’s no then you can just throw the broken one away. If it’s yes then it’s worth mending.

To make sure that you do the mending, and so save money on new things, keep a mending pile in a box by the TV, along with the equipment you’ll need for repairs – mostly a needle and thread and tube of superglue. Next time you’re sitting down to watch your favourite show grab something from that box and get mending while you’re busy viewing. It stops mending being one more chore that you never get to.

No food left behind

Keep your fridge from getting cluttered, as that leads to a lot of waste. Go through it once a week looking for the leftovers and the jars that are going out of date. Plan how you’ll use them up, or get rid of them now before they go mouldy and infect other food. There’s no point throwing good food after bad.

Saving made easy

Organising your house doesn’t have to be a big chore, and it doesn’t have to be costly. In fact it’s a great way to save money, so why not give it a go today?


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Written by John Thompson

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