Preparing For Life’s Unexpected Nasties

Preparing For Life’s Unexpected Nasties

There’s never a good time to talk about it. But it’s important stuff….so we will:

If the worst happens, how will your loved ones cope?

Take a look at these cases……


Janet was 48 and a solicitor with two teenage children at private school. She divorced her husband five years ago and looked after the two children by herself. The children’s father lived locally and was very involved in their lives, but Janet wanted to be sure that whatever happened to her, the children would be able to finish their education at their current school. She set up a life insurance policy in trust with the intention that the money be used to fund the children’s education. Sadly last year, Janet was involved in a road traffic accident and died of her injuries. Her brother, as the surviving trustee of the trust, ensured that the money from the insurance policy was used as his sister had wanted and the children continued their education without having to move school. Holding the life insurance policy in trust also meant that this money did not form part of Janet’s estate for inheritance tax purposes and could be quickly and easily paid directly to the trustees rather than becoming tied up in probate [Source – Liverpool Victoria]


Laura’s husband Paul died very suddenly at the age of 49. He had a cardiac condition and was waiting for surgery.

“Not long after he passed away my adviser pointed out that Paul had Life Cover with Bright Grey, which meant that not only did I receive a payout from them, but I also benefitted from the support of my own nurse adviser as part of Helping Hand.

The support I received was invaluable. When my nurse adviser Sue first contacted me I was still in shock. I was suffering from feelings of loss, guilt, and quite often, desperation. Sometimes I felt as if I was going mad. Sue helped me talk through what I was feeling and gave me coping strategies to help. She also arranged a course of specialist bereavement counselling that started straight away.

I’ve had 4 sessions with my counsellor so far. It’s such a relief to be able to explore my feelings with someone outside the family, and to have the reassurance that what I’m going through is normal. I’m often still sad and tearful, but I’m so grateful to be talking to people who care, and who can really make a difference.

Helping Hand is a brilliant service and means the world to me. I’d like to thank whoever set it up as it’s an excellent thing.” [Source – Bright Grey]


When Carla’s husband Lorenzo died suddenly in August 2009 of adult death syndrome, the cause of death was initially unknown. Carla had to wait an agonising 5 months for an autopsy and inquest to be carried out before a conclusion could be reached. But because she was covered with Bright Grey, Carla was given one point of contact who kept her up-to-date on the progress of the investigation and her claim. Just 2 weeks after the cause of death was confirmed she received her payment. Carla – who moved to the UK with Lorenzo from South Africa 10 years ago – says buying the cover was best thing she ever did. “I’m alone in this country and have no one else to turn to for financial support. The payout was a life saver.”

She says that Bright Grey has been “amazing”. “When you’re in this situation you realise that it’s the little things that count so much. I was kept in the loop at every stage of the claim.” [Source – Bright Grey]

And to dispel the myth held by a sizeable number of people who simply don’t believe that life policies pay out – the facts are that well over 90% of all claims are paid, resulting in daily payouts of over £8 million. (Source: Association of British Insurers, 2013 Statistics)

It costs nothing to review things, and it may not be expensive to provide that peace of mind.

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Written by John Thompson

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