Insurance Company Myths – Dispelled!

Insurance Company Myths – Dispelled!

Are you worried that your insurance company won’t pay up if the worst happens?

Most Insurers publish claims figures each year.

Warning! Big number coming……

In the last two years, Aviva has paid out over £1 billion!* Woah, a billion pounds…I can’t even imagine what that looks like.

While we’re talking numbers, here’s a few more…. in 2014:

  • Aviva paid out on 99% of life insurance claims
  • Aviva paid out on 93.2% of critical illness claims

“OK, so they pay most claims…but I bet they make it difficult to claim!”

In truth, most leading providers have dedicated UK based care lines with staff who have been trained to make your claim as easy as possible.

And there’s more…. many protection providers are helping families with the emotional impact of losing a loved one. For example, Aviva work in partnership with the charity Grief Encounter who provide counseling and support to the families left behind. If you’re facing serious illness, Bright Grey provide their Helping Hand to give you a more personal level of support.

And there’s even more… Fancy some free cover? Of course you do…. Legal & General is currently offering £15,000 of free life cover to parents for 12 months. Contact your adviser (or if you’re really smart, you’ll give us a call.)


So, the long and short of it is – don’t worry. The best way to ensure your claim is paid is:-

  • Complete the application fully, truthfully and accurately…. Open your kimono and get it all out! There’s no point paying a premium if the policy won’t pay out in the event of a claim! If you are uncertain about any question, ask!
  • Make sure your family knows you are covered and have details of your policy number as well as the insurer’s claim line.
  • Get a professional to arrange your policy. “Well he would say that wouldn’t he?”… and yes, I would. BUT, I’m more interested in making sure you’re properly covered – so whether you use Your Next Policy (which is the smart move), or another adviser, I urge you to take advice – it’s too important not to.






Written by John Thompson

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