Are you one of the six in ten?

Are you one of the six in ten?

Life’s unexpected nasties can strike without warning. If you are amongst the 60% of parents with no life insurance, here’s a FREE way to protect your family –

Children cost a fortune! Apart from clothes and food and moving house to get that extra space, there are future school fees as well as childcare to think of. And that’s without saving for driving lessons, university fees and a deposit for their future house! The average spend for a child up to age five is now £35,000, in London it’s an astonishing £52,500*. With numbers like this, it’s hardly surprising that mums and dads want to run in the other direction at the thought of paying extra for life insurance.

Aviva wants to eliminate this worry. It has just re-launched its free parent life cover.

Louise Colley, Protection Director for Aviva says:

“Aviva is offering a year of free life cover worth £15,000 per child, per parent for parents who register before their child’s fourth birthday, so this is a fantastic simple way to get some peace of mind, knowing that some cover is in place.”

It’s worth remembering with insurance that one size does not fit all. If you want a more specialised approach, give us a shout and we’ll have a chat. This stuff is super-important when looking at protecting your loved ones, and structuring things correctly could make a massive difference.

*Aviva research 2015

We usually offer protection products from a selected panel of providers.

Written by John Thompson

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